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100 Examples of Present Indefinite Tense | English Grammar

We use the present simple for thoughts , feelings, repeated actions, things staying the same and things that are true for a long time. in phrases like

Examples of Present Indefinite Tense 

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1- Definition 

Present Indefinite Tense Expresses a permanent action that happens in the present time. 

 That permanent action could be; 

  • Thoughts
  • Feeling 
  • States, things staying the same 
  • Facts and  things  that are true for a long time
  • Repeated actions

2- Sentences 

(2) We Can make Three types of Sentences;

  • Affirmation ( She goes to school.)
  • Negative  (She does not go to school.)
  • Interrogation ( Does she go to school?)

3- Rules 

(3) Verb For this Tense and using "s" or "e" letter 

  • First form of verbs is used for this tense ( go, see, hear, make, etc).
  • If subject of a sentence is "He, she, it, or any singular noun" we add "s" or "es " at the end of a verb ( go + es = goes).

4- Examples 

Here Are Some Examples of Present Indefinite Tense;

  1. She goes to school. 
  2. We play football on Friday.
  3. Aqib brushes his teeth twice a day.
  4. They always help the poor.
  5. The train departs at 2: 30am.
  6. The class begins at 7 Click in the morning.
  7. The sun rises in the East.
  8. Kathy accepts a gift from her father.
  9. Helen always plays piano on her birthday.
  10. He always reserves a seat for his departure.
  11.  It works well.
  12. I promise I will pay you back.
  13. I think She is right.
  14. The new term starts next week.
  15. You know the answer.
  16. We always do our shopping at Greenway.
  17. Most children like ice-cream.
  18. Sara catches the early train.
  19. It gets busy at weekends.
  20. My husband thinks so, too.
  21. She gets e-mails all over the world.
  22. We live far away.
  23. Children get up early in the morning.
  24. The station master announces the arrival of the train.
  25. The book belongs to me.


I am going to add some more sentences, so check back.

Task for students

You should try to change the above sentences into (Negative and Interrogative Sentences)

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