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Concrete Noun with 100 Unique Examples

Learn 100 Examples of Concrete Noun and Learn Complete Lesson with Unique word List.

Concrete Noun Definition  

Learn Concrete Noun Definition, Rules, and 100 unique examples.

Nouns can be identified from any of our five senses.

concrete noun examples in sentences image
Concrete Nouns Examples in Sentences 

Now:-  What are our five senses?

  1. We touch through our hands
  2. We Taste through our tongue.
  3. We hear through our ears.
  4. We see through our eyes.
  5. and We smell through our nose.

Concrete Noun Can be:

  • Common Noun 
  • Proper Noun 
  • Collective Noun 
  • and Countable and Uncountable Noun 

Let's see examples to make things clear.

compare the examples with any of our five senses,

  • touch 
  • taste 
  • hear 
  • see
  • smell 
everyone likes a puppy right. You can touch, see, and hear its barking and smell its order. so a puppy is a concrete noun. 

concrete noun puppy
Concrete Noun - Puppy

You can touch, see, smell and taste and pizza.

concrete noun pizza
Concrete Noun - Pizza

and Yes! None want to hear a noise. So here you are using your "hear" as a sense. 

so a puppy, a pizza and noise all three come to the category of a concrete noun. 

 Concrete Noun Examples in Sentences

Note:- Bold words are concrete nouns in each sentence.
  1. Sam has a nice mobile.
  2. Aqib's voice is excellent.
  3. He goes to school every day.
  4.  Boys are playing football.
  5. The teacher is Teaching Urdu. 
  6. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan.
  7. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.
  8. Could you pass me some butter?
  9. Suger prices are rising up in Pakistan.
  10. Kathy accepts a gift from her father.
  11. Helen is answering the telephone.
  12. Mother is adding some milk to her coffee.
  13. We are attending Jane's birthday party.
  14. The teacher asked me to add up these numbers.
  15. Jimmy acted like a wolf in the school play.
  16. The alarm clock awoke me from sleep.
  17. Jane's friends admire her beautiful new doll.
  18. We arrived at the station too late. The train had left.
  19. Peter agreed to help me with my bags.
  20. Andy aims carefully at the apple.
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