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100 Direct and Indirect Object Examples - English Grammar

Learn 100 examples of direct and Indirect object. Learn Definition, type of objects and noun phrase "for and "to".

 All Sentences have a subject and a verb. Some sentences may also have an object after the main verb. An object is a part of the predicate in a sentence. It receives the action done by the subject.

There are two types of objects with a sentence; as direct and the indirect object. 

1- The Direct Object 

A direct object is a noun/noun phrase or pronoun that receives the action of a verb directly.  A direct object answers the questions; as, 
  • What?
  • Who?
  • Whom?
A sentence that has a direct object may or may not have an indirect object.


  • He wrote a letter. (not have
  • He wrote his sister a letter  (have)

"his Sister" is an indirect Object here and "a letter" is direct Object.

have have not image

2- The Indirect Object 

An indirect object is the noun/noun phrase or pronoun to whom for whom the action is done. it receives the action through the direct object and not directly. indirect object answers the questions; 

  • at whom 
  • to whom 
  • for whom 
  • form whom 
it often comes after a preposition. There can be no indirect object without a direct object.


  • He wrote to his sister a letter. (Indirect object
  • He wrote a letter to his sister. (Noun Phrase

3- Examples of Direct and Indirect Object 

  1. Simon Feeds his pet rabbit carrots.
  2. Mother is bringing us some food.
  3. The postman handed Kathy the Letter.
  4. Mandy lent Linda her music book. 
  5. Bobby offered Helen her bicycle.
  6. Jimmy is passing Linda The salt.
  7. The mother fed her child milk.
  8. David gave Melanie a sweater.
  9. Let me read you this news item.
  10. Vicky paid the cashier the money.
  11. We showed David photos.
  12. They found me a spare ticket.
  13. I have saved you a seat.
  14. Melanie is making David a cake 
  15. I have saved you a seat.
  16. Mark sent his boss a message.
  17. Emma sold his sister her bike.
  18. Tom told all his friends the joke.
  19. Ahmed wrote her teacher a letter.

4- Examples of Noun Phrase with "For" and "To"

  1. David gave a sweater to Melanie. 
  2. Vicky Paid the money to the cashier.
  3. Let me read the news item to you.
  4. We showed the photos to David.
  5. Mark sent a message to his boss.
  6. Simon found a spare ticket for me.
  7. I have saved a seat for you.
  8. Mandy is making a cake for David.
  9. Could you make some coffee for us?
  10. I left a message for my secretary.


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