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100 Examples of Common Gender in Sentences and List

Learn Common Gender used for male and female and for animals with examples and I am giving you a list of 50 common words for memorizing.

A noun of the important parts of speech. Nouns that refer to either a male or a female are said to be of the common gender. Nouns like baby, parent, student, cook, and fish are examples of common gender nouns. 

They can refer to either the male or female gender. The word author is another example of a common gender noun that can be used to refer to either male or female writers of books or stories. Sometimes authoress can also be used to exclusively refer to the female author however such female-specific nouns are used rarely nowadays. 

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Common Gender Examples

Common Gender List 

Here is a quick list of 36 common gender examples. try to learn them by heart. It helps you understand much better.

  1. Police
  2. Parent
  3. Child
  4. Animal
  5. Person
  6. Sibling
  7. Baby
  8. Friend
  9. Judge
  10. Soldier
  11. Writer
  12. Teacher
  13. Cousin
  14. Artist
  15. Chairperson
  16. Sportsperson
  17. Author
  18. Manager
  19. Actor
  20. Musician
  21. Neighbor
  22. Doctor
  23. Relative
  24. Officer
  25. Infant
  26. Cook
  27. Principle
  28. Stranger
  29. Scientist
  30. Owner
  31. Servant

Most animals are generally referred to as common gender; as,

  1. Butterfly
  2. Fish
  3. Crow
  4. Mosquito
  5. Giraffe etc.  

Examples in Sentences 

Read these examples in sentences. I help you to understand the common gender much better. 

  1. The Policeman caught a thief.
  2. we should obey our parents.
  3. Who left a child under the tree.
  4. The dog is a domestic Animal
  5. I met a strange person last night.
  6. We are five siblings.
  7.  Look! The baby is sleeping calmly.
  8. Ahmed is my best friend.  
  9. His brother was a brave soldier
  10. My friend's father is a judge in the high court. 
  11. Being a writer means you must have a lot of knowledge of things.
  12. I need a qualified English language teacher.
  13. Who is the manager of this hotel?
  14. One of my cousins is in the army.
  15. She declared the best artist of the year. 
  16. Who is the author of this book?
  17. Her sister is a stage actor.
  18. They want to be a musician.  
  19. It is our moral duty to care for our neighbors.
  20. She was not a qualified doctor.
  21. Ahmed Hussain is one of my relatives.
  22. His father was an honest police officer.
  23.  They need a cook and are going to advertise for it.
  24. Who is the principle of the school?
  25. Father advised his daughter, "Never take things from a stranger."
  26. Her father was a scientist.
  27. I am the owner of this hotel.
  28. I need an active servant.
  29. I love fried fish.
  30. My son likes flying butterflies. He wants to catch them.
  31. The crow is a clever bird.
  32. Mosquitos cause malaria. 
  33. Children wondered to see a giraffe first time in their life.

Video Lesson of Common Gender Examples 


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