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learn English Speaking Tips in English, Urdu and Hindi languages.

Most of the teachers say, “You can learn the English language without learning English Grammar.”  And ask, “Did you learn your native language with the help of grammar that belongs to your native language after your birth?” but I don’t agree with them. Yes, if we had an English speaking environment, then, it would have been easy for you to learn it from the environment.  Instead of having an Urdu speaking environment, most of the people (especially in rural areas) don’t even speak Urdu correctly and fluently. In today’s lesson, I am going to give you English Speaking Tips in Urdu language, so that, you can come out of this misunderstanding about learning the English Language.

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English Speaking Tips

Top 10 Tips How to learn Spoken English in the Urdu/Hindi Languages.

Tips That Improve Spoken English

1- Leaning English take time and patience. It cannot be rushed. Try to relax and take it easy.

2- You must start with a strong foundation or base and slowly build on it. Day by day! I mean you need some knowledge of Basic English Grammar before starting your spoken English. 

3- You must know at least about parts of speech, verb tenses, active and passive and direct and indirect.   

4 -The most importing thing you need at the beginning is a good vocabulary. Without words, you have nothing to work with.

5- You must view English as a part of your body. It must become the part of your everyday life.

6- The most important thing to remember is practice and confidence. Practice everyday English and be confident. You will find that the more you use English the better your English will become.

7- Don’t worry about making mistakes. The more mistakes you make the more you will learn from them just as learning to ride a bike. Sometimes you fall off, so what do you do? You get back on and try again.

8- Don’t look at English as just other subjects, your attitude and the way you view it will decide how you progress. As we say in English, “no pain….No gain.”

If you act upon these tips, there is not anything that comes in the way of your fluency in Spoken English.


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