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Tenses in Urdu - Complete Free Course of Tenses with Book

Download free tenses book in Urdu Language. Learn each tense separately with examples, exercises and sentences. Complete Book for beginners.

Download and LearnTense in Urdu PDF. Tenses play a big role in English grammar. Without understanding verb tenses, it is impossible to speak or write correctly. 

That is why I have written this verb tenses eBook in the Urdu language. In the book, you will learn, twelve tenses in details. This book has been written in two languages English as well as Urdu so that a person who is learning English as a second language can understand easily. 

This book will start form four forms of the verb such as the present, past, past participle, and present participle. Then you will learn which form of the verb is used for present indefinite tense and how to add “s” or “es” to a verb in order to use in present indefinite tense furthermore; you will learn how to make present participle form of verbs their spelling rules.

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Verb Tenses Ebook

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Present Tense Chart 

present tense chart
Present Tense Chart
Future Tense Chart
future tense chart
Future Tense Chart

Past Tense Chart 

past tense chart
Past Tense Chart

In this book, you will learn what you require to master in verb tenses. You will learn each tense deathly. First, you will learn how to make sense then you will learn where to use and when to use them in conversation. Each tense has explained with easy examples. You will learn how to make an affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentence in Verb tenses.

After reading this book, you will be able to understand each tense. You will identify tenses in context. You will make correct sentences by using each tense. You will practice each tense in daily conversation. Practice makes a man perfect. You must practice each tense again and again so that you can memorize them forever. Make sentences in each tense. Make sentences in your own language and translate them into English. After a few days, you will able to use them in your real conversation.
 I am going to give its link blew click and download it.  

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